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Photographic record of how the place has changed. Or not, as the case may be.

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  February 2005 - As we bought it

  June 2005 - Pictures taken at moving in time.

  October 2005 - Views inside the house and barn.

  April 2006 - Work starts on roof section 1.

  August 2006 - Work continues on roof section 1.

  October 2006 - Fosse septique work starts.

  November 2006 - Fosse septique work aftermath.

  March 2007 - Spring growth.

  May 2007 - Work starts on roof section 2.

  August 2007 - Work complete on roof sections 1 and 2.

  October 2007 - Works starts on roof section 3.

  April 2008 - Works continues on roof section 3.

  August 2008 - The roof is finished - Fantastico !!

  October 2008 - No building work, just some essential gardening before winter sets in.

  Spring 2009 - We embark upon the building of a pizza oven in the derelict shed area.

  August 2009 - Pizza oven work commences, albeit slowly.

  Autumn 2009 - More pizza oven progress and the house gets a new kitchen too.

  Spring 2010 - The pizza oven work draws to a close.

  Summer and Autumn 2010 - The pizza oven work is all but completed now.

  Spring 2011 - A new hedge is planted and the upstairs floor is started.

  Spring 2011 - A busy week in June is planned.

  Summer 2011 - Finish installing the stable door and a garden tidy up.

  Autumn 2011 - The upstairs floor is finished and new windows go in.

  Summer 2012 - A selection of photo's giving an overview of the general state of the property.

  Winter 2016 - The final page in this section as the property is sold.

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